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Our Little Farm

Learn about our alpacas when you join a trek (pre-booking advised)
Arran Alpacas offers different activities for different groups and ages - check out the Arran Alpacas website for more information!
Wallace is a friendly little alpaca
Glen is the little brown alpaca, our youngest
Nevis & Lomond have been training to trek Spring 2021
Just arrived, our Valais Blacknose lambs give each other a cuddle
The cutest sheep in the world - super friendly too!!
Beautiful sunset and our lovely ducks
Morcambe & Wise - they always look on the bright side of life!
The ducks taking a waddle to see the alpacas in the hope they have dropped some feed
Enjoying some shade by the pond on a sunny day
The hen hoose is situated between the courtyard and field if you are looking for fresh eggs!
Feeding time is a favourite for all the animals, including the hens
Dust bath and play time for the hens in their chicken gym